Kindly Join Achain’s Lite Wallet Naming Contest & Win |@achainofficial

Achainers, here is your chance to play a role in Achain history!

Come up with a name for our Lite Wallet and submit your idea, along with your Twitter handle, telegram username and ACT account address below.


After narrowing the choices down to our selection of the top 10 entries, the Achain team will hand the reins over to the community for vote through a Twitter poll. In addition to being credited for naming the Achain Lite Wallet, the winner will be awarded 2,000 ACT.


For help with questions, please contact any admin on the Achain telegram channel:

Community members may enter as many times as they like, provided that each entry is submitted separately.

The deadline for submissions is 6/26/2018 @12:00 AM EST.

Entries submitted without a valid Twitter handle, Telegram username and ACT address will not be considered.

Each participant MUST both follow @Achainofficial on Twitter, and join the main Achain telegram group




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