Dear Achainers, The answers to our second official #Reddit #AMA have been posted!! Kindly Read Though

[Official AMA #2] Post your questions here regarding Achain (07/18/2018 – 08/01/2018)

Achain is now taking questions which is to be answered by Eric Wang (CPO of Achain) on 08/01/2018. Eric Wang (CPO of Achain) will be present on the date listed above to answer as many questions asked by the community to the best of his abilities.

This post will be open to take in questions starting now and will be closed on August 1st. Submit your questions below regarding Achain.


Read through questions that have already been submitted to make sure that your question isn’t a duplicate.

Be respectful. Do not attack/threaten/harass other users.

Please research before submitting your questions. Answers to certain questions might be available already. Use the search field in the Achain Subreddit and/or other venues.

If possible, please limit each comment to one question and no more. If you have more than one question, create a separate comment for each of them. This way, users can upvote (or downvote) each individual question.

Looking forward to all the questions from the Achain community and the answers to follow.


Kindly Click on the link below to join the conversation

[Official AMA #2] Post your questions here regarding Achain (07/18/2018 – 08/01/2018) from Achain_Official

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