Achain(ACT) Will Be Officially On Coindelta Today Tuesday 22nd May 2:00 PM!

Dear Community,

We are introducing Achain(ACT) on Coindelta this week on Tuesday 22nd May 2:00 PM! Deposits will go live at 2:00 PM. Trading will commence at 4:00 PM.


So what is Achain?

The Achain platform has gathered a significant amount of attention for the unique way in which digital asset issuance can be executed on it. Users of the Achain platform are able to deploy digital assets quickly and easily, as well as enterprise-class decentralized apps and smart contracts.

The most interesting element of the Achain platform is the consensus method it uses. Achain integrates a wholly unique “Result Delegated Proof of Stake” distributed consensus mechanism, or RDPoS. This architecture integrates a Turing-complete smart contract VM that incorporates intellectual property rights features. This mechanism, according to Achain creators, can perform up to 1,000 transactions per second.


You can check out the current Achain price here.

You can buy Achain(ACT) on Coindelta here. 

Moving on to the trading competition…


The Achain(ACT) trading competition will be active during the launch week from Tuesday 22nd May 4:00 PM to Tuesday 29th May 3:59 PM


How can you participate?

It is very easy to participate in this trading competition. All you have to do is trade Achain(ACT) during the launch week.

Note: Only the orders executed between 22nd May 4:00PM to 29th May 3:59PM will be considered.


And finally, what’s in it for the winners?

Over 80,000 ACT up for grabs! The number of ACT tokens you can win depends on your rank in the competition. We have created a table to show distribution of the winnings just for you!

For the trading competition, we will be having a dedicated page on our website for the contest leader board. We believe this will help you keep track of your competitors!

As you can see from the table above, the prize increases mani-fold as you reach higher levels!

We have come up with this chart to explain the reward system of our trading competition.

Insights from the Chart:

>> The difference between the reward for 10th place and 11th place is 6x. You stand to win 6x more ACT by finishing 10th instead of 11th.

>> The difference between the reward for 50th place and 51st place is 5x. You stand to win 5x more ACT by finishing 50th instead of 51st!

>> The difference between the reward for 200th place and 201st place is 2x. You stand to win 2x more ACT by finishing 200th instead of 201st.


You can see, as your rank increases, your reward increases significantly!


To help you succeed in your competition, we will be providing you updates about your competitors and how many trades you require to bridge the gap! . Contest will go live on 22nd Tuesday 4:00 PM . More details will be released tomorrow at 4:00 PM


That’s it for now!

Stay tuned for more announcements!

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With love for the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies,
Coindelta Family 

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