Achain Weekly Update [May 13, 2018–May 19, 2018]

Business Development

1. 3 new contracts were added this week, bringing the total to 123 contracts.

2. Achain International Business Director, Dane Elliott was invited to present the vision and purpose of Achain at the Blockchain Technology Forum hosted at the Google NYC offices.

3. Achain partnered with Hexlant of South Korea to develop blockchain applications which strengthen the Achain ecology.

4. Achain community representatives participated in the Consensus 2018 Summit in New York to build relationships with new investors and potential clients.

5. The American Achain community attended the Crypto Influence Summit in New York.

6. Achain and SWAG partnered to create a digital pan-dance platform based on blockchain technology.


Core Development

1. Completed the development of Python version testing tools.

2. Started the sub-agent project.

3. Organized and updated Github code.

4. Researched cross-chain technology in preparation for development.



Developing the new version of the Achain Lite Wallet.



The redesign of is in progress.



1. The third snapshot of the fourth phase of the lockup plan was completed. The total number of participants were 5,471 with an accumulative share of 96508665 ACT.

2. The Achain Fire Exchange ACT trading tournament, which hosted the TOP20 South Korea Users, brought together China and South Korea participants for a day for friendly competition.

3. Achain’s CTO Li Spectrum was interviewed by a leader of the Korean community and answered questions for Korean Achainers.

4. Achain’s American community packed the house at a New York Meetup with VIP investors, capital experts, and potential clients.

5. Preparations are underway for offline events internationally.

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