#Achain! The Best crypto investment in 2018. @AchainOfficial

First imagine some coin which is proof of stake and you earn profit only by holding it like NEO does.
Second imagine that every new project which forks of Achain could give you airdrop coins!

Yes that is possible!!

Achain uses Delegated Proof of Stake mechanism with 1000 transactions per second! (Again in pair with NEO)
If you create your Achain wallet and store some ACT you will be getting rewards as a stake.


Their idea of platform is revolutionary, instead of hosting all new ico projects on their blockchain they can fork coin to create another one which meets requirements.


What that means and how is different from others?

That means if ACT forks every holder of act could get new airdroped coins for free.

Every new project which is forked will be interoperable and part od Achain ecosystem and it will not clog the network like other projects which host all apps on single chain.
Their forking theory is a solution to scalability issues!

Achain received the Most Valuable Blockchain Award at the China Star Awards Ceremony!! That is big guys..


Achain has around 10 already working apps and more than 30 are waiting to be implemented.
Price of single ACT is only 0.15$! Only because project wasnt sponsored outside China and many people dont know about it. https://www.achain.com/dapp.html/


At the end of Jun 2018. they will be releasing new whitepaper and do rebranding. https://coinmarketcal.com/?form%5Bdate_range%5D=11%2F06%2F2018+-+01%2F09%2F2021&form%5Bcoin%5D%5B%5D=Achain+%28ACT%29&form%5Bsort_by%5D=&form%5Bsubmit%5D=


Have you remembered how rebranding influeced price of NEO?


It has so low cap that is rank #129 on marketcap list, from this place it could grow right now 3700% only to reach NEOs cap.


I have never experienced faster transaction speeds for my use case, i sent coins from exchange and in matter of seconds after send is approved i got them on wallet every single time with fee under 0.0015$ at the moment of making this article.


I am not financial advisor but i hold Achain for few reasons:

1. already working product with NEO speeds
2. most undervalued project only because no marketing was made outside the China
3. It costs less than 15cents!!
4. i am getting free coins for holding it
5. every new fork could potentially be free airdrop to act hodlers
6. i believe Achain is sleeper which will be awaken
7. every new fork will drive price of act significantly
8. it has lite wallet which doesnt have to be synced and it is simply ready to use


In near future Achain will implement true staking in wallet so every token holder will be part of the network which means more security and more decentralization, ofcourse that holder will be rewarded just like now they are reworded with free airdrops in meantime.

Check this link for more informations about loyalty program registration and rewards: https://www.achain.com/loyaltyprogram.html

Join in telegram channel and dont miss any announcements,learn something more, have a great time talking about project and feel free to ask community anything, expecially admins are very glad to answar any quastions! https://t.me/AchainOfficial



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