Achain Business Development 15-31. August 2018

Business Development

The current number of contracts on Achain is 143.
Achain and Flogmall reached an agreement of strategic cooperation. (
Achain and Boosto reached an agreement of strategic cooperation. (
Achain has reached a strategic cooperation with Zhongsou Network. Zhongsou Network is a pioneer in the field of search engines in China. Based on its own development of mobile clients and mobile cloud service platforms, it provides mobile Internet personalized information services and enterprise mobile internet solutions. The two parties will jointly explore the enterprise mobile Internet cloud service and blockchain field in the future, and provide customers with high-quality mobile Internet + blockchain cloud service platform. (

Core Development

Achain cross-chain summary design is completed, and each module is designed in detail.
The Alabs wallet has entered the development phase.
The new Achain Lite Wallet is in the design phase.


Achain and Unifox formed a strategic partnership to drive the mass adoption of cryptocurrency. This partnership opens the doors for Achain to be included in all of UniFox’s products, including ATMs, POS terminals and local exchanges. Achain and Unifox will transform digital value into the physical. Related link: Http://

Achain Indian community participated in a startup and entrepreneur meetup hosted by StartupGrind in Noida. The team also, took part in a one on one interview about Achain and Blockchain, the session ended with intense networking. (

Achain US team attended a blockchain meetup hosted by Newdo venture in Silicon Valley. Over 30 blockchain enthusiasts, professionals and investors joined the event to share their knowledge about blockchain technologies and investment. (

OKCoin invited Achain US team to join and celebrate the ribbon cutting ceremony of their new office in SanFrancisco.

The 5th snapshot of the 7th Loyalty Program was completed and the 8th Loyalty Program was officially launched.
In the 7th phase of the Loyalty Program, the number of active participants was 6,594, and the total number of participating ACTs was 120,400,314.

The 8th Loyalty Program starts from the Achain block height 3,450,000.

Community partners who have successfully participated in the 7th Loyalty Program will receive airdrop tokens. $HUT distribution will be 1:1 for the average $ACT held during all 5 snapshots of the 7th phase! Other airdrops include: $3DP, $AKMT, $BCT, $DSC, $LOC

More details:

“AchainFans” platform produced by Achain technology community volunteers officially launched. The platform includes ACT traffic monitoring and other functions, we welcome community friends to join Achain’s Creative Community QQ group: 853178910.

AchainFans link:

“AchainFans” is an Achain-based online blockchain community. Founded by Achain enthusiasts, Achain community volunteers, community developers, enthusiasts, fans, etc., to build a high-quality Achain community with excellent communication atmosphere, we named it “Achain Creation Community”.

Achain was awarded “The most original code TOP10 “ by the Odaily Planet Daily and Netta. Related links: Https://

Achain India community attended “Startups and Blockchain Lovers” Meetup hosted by blockchainedind team at 91springboard and had a great discussion about BlockchainTechnology and Achain.

We had a blast at the 2nd Annual IBC in Chicago. Our Western Community Director Matt Engel had a live interview about the future of smart contracts, and the next steps in development for Achain. A video of the interview is being edited, and will be posted when available.

Achain US community attended BlockchainMeetup “Build a Blockchain” hosted by Bitconch & Standford Blockchain forum in SiliconValley. Attendees of the event showed their enthusiasm about blockchain technology and decentralization. (

We’ve got 4 free tickets for the first GBCC in NYC, hosted at the UN Headquarters on Sept 13th. Be the first 4 US-based Achain community members to DM @AchainOfficial with their name, gender, birth date, passport number & phone number will have the opportunity to win the free ticket.

Achain US team attended the blockchain event hosted by “Indo-America Chamber of Commerce” at the Zhongguancun Innovation Center in Silicon Valley. The discussions included blockchain technology and the team exchanged views with Dr. Mohan, IBM fellow & Tsinghua_Uni visiting faculty. (



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