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With a vision of revolutionizing not only the world, but blockchain as an industry, we look towards our robust and ingenious community. Achain is committed to bringing more value to their investors, and building a vast, active community. Blockchain brings freedom of creativity back to the people, so let’s create!


How it works:
In the infographic above, bounty payouts are labeled on the right side for each campaign. The campaign is available to each and every individual interested, we welcome all! Achain is seeking journalists, bloggers, video creators, graphic design artists, and all others willing to curate content over-viewing the Achain platform.

*In order to register for the campaign, fill in the form HERE (*


The Bounty Campaign is broken down into 3 contests: 

  1. Video Creation
  2. Article Curation
  3. Infographic Design

Registration & Submission:
Registration form HERE (


ALL submissions must be made via twitter by tagging with your video, article, or infographic link.

Bounty winners will be announced following the end of the campaign on May 26th. ACT will be distributed within 5–7 business day following the end of the campaign.



Useful information on Achain and links for content curation are provided below.

What is Achain?

Achain (ACT) is a public blockchain platform that enables developers of all levels of experience to issue tokens, smart contracts, create applications and blockchain systems. Achain is committed to building a global blockchain network for information exchange and value transactions.

The Achain platform has been under development for more than two years now, and has currently deployed more than 50 dApps, and 112 contracts. An intriguing factor of Achain’s protocol is that it boasts an impressive 1000 TPS (Transactions Per Second). This is achieved through a one-of-a-kind RDPoS consensus mechanism, which provides a more efficient transaction performance of the network compared to the others. Moving further into 2018, we will see the blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) scalable network, followed by a proper interconnected network in early 2019.


Unique Infrastructure

Achain had released the three-phase development plan of Singularity — “Smart Contract Network”, Galaxy — “Fork Network”, and Cosmos — “Interconnected Network”.


The first stage is to enhance the Achain network’s security and stability. Smart contracts, digital assets, and sandbox simulations are made available through the methodology of modular design. Sandbox can automatically test and monitor the environment where the newly created smart contracts operate. Thereby they ensure that those contracts run stable and safely within the Achain network.

Achain is now at Galaxy stage where it splits into multiple sub-chains to meet the need for different applications in reality, including insurance, e-documentation, cryptocurrency, record investigation, credit rating, and much more can be fulfilled by sub-chains within an interconnected, low-cost, user-friendly, and customized blockchain network.


Loyalty Program

Individuals are rewarded monthly, simply by holding ACT in an official wallet.

“Store your ACT tokens in either Achain PC/WebWallet ( or Kcash Mobile Wallet(”


You can sign up to this Loyalty Program by sending 1 ACT to the following address: ACTEiVHrZMwikGbft1nTPP1uyiQdxSd3DyJE

Once you transfer 1 ACT, your sign-up to the program will be confirmed and will be applicable to all phases of the program. You don’t need to repeat it for each phase. Also, you may join Achain’s Loyalty Program at anytime. If you miss out on one of the phases, make sure you transfer 1 ACT as soon as possible so you can get in the next one! In addition, only the ACT balance in the address that transferred 1 ACT to the above ACT address will be recorded in the snapshots.

How to calculate ACT balance for each phase?
Once the block height reaches 1950000, a snapshot will be taken for every 50000 blocks to scan your account balance. Each phase has 5 snapshots. Your average ACT balance for each phase is the average of all the 5 snapshots of your ACT balances. If you don’t participate or your balance is zero in any of the snapshots, the ACT value of that particular snapshot will be taken as ZERO while calculating the average ACT balance of that phase. If the average ACT balance of one phase is greater than 1 million, it will be considered as 1 million.

How much ACT will be rewarded in each phase?
The base (fixed) reward value is 300K ACT. In addition, the incentive is adjusted to it according to the market price of ACT and the total number of ACT participated in the phase.

The details are as follows:
Amount of ACT Allocated for Rewards = Fixed reward value (300K ACT) + Price incentives (300K ACT or 0 ACT) + Total amount of ACT incentives (300K ACT or 0 ACT)

Price incentives:
According to CoinMarketCap platform, take the average value of the highest and lowest ACT/USDT price on the day of the last snapshot as the ACT/USDT price of the last snapshot . If it is higher than the ACT/USDT price of the last snapshot in the previous phase, then the ACT price incentive is considered as 300K ACT. Otherwise, it is 0.

Total amount of ACT incentives:
If the total amount of ACT participated in each phase is higher than the previous phase, then it’s considered as 300K ACT. Otherwise, it is 0.

How much you will earn?
Your final reward of each phase = (Average ACT balance of the phase / Total amount of ACT participated in the phase) * (Amount of ACT allocated for reward in the phase)

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