So far, the AChain project is very interested. Most people do not know what this project is about or why it should be important. It seems that this Chinese platform has attracted a lot of attention in China. In addition, dozens of DApps already run above this blockchain. Now is a good time to look at what this project is and why it may affect the future of cryptocurrencies we care about.

However, there is more to AChain than just its bifurcation technique. The first is the Chinese blockchain ecosystem, which also has its own set of distributed applications or DApps. These applications include credit score solutions, digital wallets, games and point-of-sale solutions. It is also an open blockchain platform that is completely different from what most people expect. Anyone can issue tokens, smart contracts, and create their own DApps.

It soon becomes clear how AChain will rival Ethereum or NEO in the future. In other words, suppose the Chinese government will not close the project in the near future. After all, according to the current rules, the currency created can still be considered controversial. There seems to be no problem with what AChain provides, but things can always be converted quickly, especially in China.

For the time being, it is yet to be seen how AChain and all currencies will be distributed through this platform in the future. AChain has great potential, but even projects with state-of-the-art technology tend to outweigh any project that can be upgraded to astronomical value in just a few hours. Encrypting money markets now is not rational, which may hinder the chances of success for such projects.

No one can deny that things have evolved to an interesting direction in terms of encrypting currency and coins. More specifically, the hard currency of the existing currency is so much that most of them are simply lost in the mediocre ocean. This is only predictable, and note that most of these hard-fork currencies do not have any real purpose. In fact, on the one hand it is possible to count the number of coins in the current major currency.

However, if the AChain team believes the demand for more hard-wired solutions continues to grow. The project has its own fork technology that enables developers around the world to separate the main currencies of their favorite currencies. There was a bitcoin fork, called ABitcoin. The new currency was allocated to all ACT holders in a 1: 1 ratio, while Bitcoin users will visit to claim there Fork.

As a result, the AChain project is likely to be the preferred competitor for any major cryptocurrency today.

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