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Welcome Achainers,

We’d first like to take the time to acknowledge our wonderful community stemming from across the world. It’s important for us to address a nagging issue that arose from our first reddit AMA that we had some months back. Eric answered that we would have our official rebrand at the end of June, and as many of you now know this is not the case. When we decide on the partnering agency, and set the schedule a formal announcement will be made. We apologize for the miscommunication, and it was never our intent to set false expectations in the community.

The good news is that we aren’t coming empty handed, and we’ve heard the community’s requests. So, today we are proud to present to you some of the design slides of the new website which is under development, and an interactive prototype for all of you to explore.

The three most important issues we are aiming to address with this new website is transparency, availability of information, and convenience. As so many of you know this is why we created the Lite Wallet (new name pending) because it accomplishes availability of information and user convenience. Also, as we announced in our last Bi-Weekly Update we published a Rich List on our browser (additions to this list are ongoing) and we are launching additional initiatives to present greater transparency to the community. Furthermore, the Achain ecosystem is growing quickly as you can all tell by the additional contracts frequently added to the Assets tab of our Blockchain Browser.

Many of the projects that have been added to the ecosystem are solely marketed to the Chinese community, and others are extremely early in development. So, going forward we will only present projects on the new website that are ready to be presented and provide at least some English content for the global community. Our goal is that with this methodology any project we feature can be explored and interacted with by our global community. Additionally, we will only present projects on the browser that we are comfortable marketing, as we consider the space on our website as free marketing.

Contrary to the current market conditions, Achain as a project is very robust and healthy. The Achain foundation aims at driving meaningful adoption to the platform, to execute the vision first set in our Whitepaper. The most important asset in this ecosystem is all of you, the community, as this is what makes it whole. So, please enjoy our first release of the new website content, and stay tuned for the additional phases and releases including our detailed and updated roadmap, multi-language functionality, meetups/events tracking page and more.

Below we’ve included the link to the interactive prototype. Please enjoy, and again, thank you for being what we can only describe is the most talented and spirited community in the industry. Cheers.


Interactive Prototype




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