The Nodal Scheme outlined for the Decentralization of Achain has been released – Read More… @achainofficial

The nodal scheme has long been the focus of attention, and the technical team is ready for internal testing, it will be expected to start in October, 2018. The nodal project is implemented in two stages, one is trial operation and the other is formal operation, the first stage is expected to take five months.

In the trial-run phase, we will follow three steps: registration, voting and identifying candidates. The implementation of the three steps is as follows :

1. Registration — Community members can sign up through the Achain lite wallet to participate in the campaign. The Achain Foundation will announce in advance campaign requirements (including node hardware requirements and contributions to the community requirements, etc.) and the corresponding node reward.

2. Voting — Each community member gets one vote, the weight of the vote is proportional to the number of tokens held by the voter, and the number of tokens held by the voter at the polling deadline is counted as the valid number of votes.

3. Identify candidates — After the poll closes, the Achain Foundation publishes the results to the community and assists the candidates in deploying new nodes.

The trial run is planned to last for five months, where one node is voted out each month based on performance. After the trial run, the Achain Foundation will announce the overall results of the initial test phase and announce the start-up phase.

For the formal operation (post trial operation), the basic process is similar to the trial run stage, with the primary difference of automation in the voting mechanism.



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