When something is free, you are the product 
To raise awareness about their project / tab, they release cryptography free to the crypto community. It is a great way to widely distribute the tokens to create a community for it. It is free advertising, it attracts people to your project that otherwise would not have had or heard from you. It could lead to a symbolic appreciation of the price, which is probably the goal of these blockchain projects.Looking ahead, the possible developments of crypto airdrop could be projects that begin to be given to users who have tokens in projects that overlap or have some synergy with their own. We could also see projects that encourage other projects to send them to their chip owners and receive some benefit in return. As we already see on the Ethereum, Waves, NXT and Komodo platforms.
As I always say, do not joke with any air release.Airdrop is the best way to start your encryption journey, especially if you do not have enough capital to work
Litecoin Gold gave 10,000 free tokens. And when they enlisted the LTG in … The value reached $ 0.08 [That would have cost $ 800 cold without initial capital. 😎
Krosscoin distributed 15,000 chips that made some boys earn $ 3,600 a few weeks later
eBTC gave 2000 free tokens that made some boys have $ 1600 when the value reached $ 0.8 four days after having included it in
BTCRED gave 2000 free tokens that cost av $ 80 when the value reached $ 0.04 Also read: knowledge on Crypto business, and learn how to trade in exchanges such as etherdelta,, etc.
Go to
You have everything you need there ..
If you have a problem burning your data to understand Cryptocurrency, then you have a big problem.
When I was downloading n encrypted YouTube videos … I was using at least 1GB per day
Invest in your knowledge today! Do not expect anyone to throw everything in your head
And keep in mind that you can NEVER be perfect ..

So,  let’s start on how to get all these free tokens.

* first you need to register on bitcointalk forum
It’s very important
Here is the link

* After that you will need a wallet address ( must be Ethereum wallet)
Go to
After you create your wallet
Keep your private key
And you’re set to go.

* Get imtoken android app on play store
And open an account with it
Then link your myetherwallet account with the imtoken wallet

Then join this whatsapp group for all airdrops .
For more knowledge on this
Add on whatsapp: +2347062275532

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