Good News: #Achain Important Announcement

Hello Achainers,


Recently we made an upgrade to the Achain blockchain by adding a brand new asset type. This newly supported asset type is a “multi-asset”. This new functionality is a positive development for our ecosystem.


Why is this a good thing? In short, this new functionality both makes the Achain blockchain more appealing to a wider range of projects, and creates more demand for the ACT currency for network gas/fees.


This recent blockchain upgrade led to the brief disruption to the withdrawal/deposit services of some of our exchange partners. Now that these partners have made their own updates to our new upgraded blockchain, full exchange services of the ACT token have been restored. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.


In addition, you might have noticed we added a new contract, “Elite Connection,” to the asset page of our browser. Per the request of the project owners, we changed the name of this token from ECC to ECT. This change came at a challenging time due to an ongoing airdrop Elite Connections was conducting to ACT holders. The result is that the ECC was no longer valid and was removed. The new replacement ECT airdrop has just begun and will continue over the next couple of days.


Again, sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for being with us.



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