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Business Development

The number of contracts on Achain is 143.
We published Black Lion Group (LION), which is a global travel service platform built on the blockchain. LION can be used for booking airline tickets, hotels, business travel and holiday services.

We published Perfect Bloc Token(PBC), which is the digital currency of Perfect South-east Asia & Global Cross-border Medical Beauty (cosmetic) E-Commerce Platform. You can use other currencies to exchange with PBC and also use PBC to directly purchase medical beauty (cosmetic) products and services.


Core Development

Completed the development of Alabs official website:
The ALabs promotion is ready and is expected to enter the development process next week.
The refinement of the cross-chain solution is mainly implemented in three phases :

Realizing the value exchange in the Achain ecology
Realizing value swaps beyond the Achain ecosystem
Achieve cross-chain data interchange



Achain Founder Cui Meng participated in the “Huobi public chain leader election vote”, the voting channel is open at:, community fans please support Cui Meng!

Achain dapp Heluss announced a massive airdrop for ACT holders into our Loyalty Program. For more information join them on telegream. (

Achain and Sogang University co-hosted “Achain-Sogang Technology Exchange Meeting” and announced the official creation of the blockchain laboratory ALabs.

Achain was invited by Allcoin’s digital asset trading platform to act as a sponsor for blockchain start-ups applying for token distribution and online trading on the Allcoin platform to help develop high-quality blockchain projects.

The Achain team was invited by Korean community volunteers to attend the developer and investor meetup at Sogang University.

Achain CPO Eric Wang and Alabs founder Wilson Wang were interviewed by Korean media, Etomato.

Achain officially enters the world of coins, and community fans can follow Achain’s latest developments through the currency world.

On the 17th of July, Achain held a meetup for investors and blockchain enthusiasts in San Francisco to discuss how blockchain has changed the theme of the world.

Achain Business Director, Dane Elliott was invited to participate in the Singapore World Blockchain Summit and the 2nd International Blockchain Game Forum where he delivered an important speech.

As on July 27th, the LBANK public chain campaign broke out. ACT was ranked first with 2588 votes. Round 2 will begin soon so be ready!

The sixth Loyalty Program phase is completed and the seventh has started.

The participants in the sixth Loyalty Program were 6,213 and the aggregated amount (ACT) was 107,610,237, and the amount of reward was 600,000 ACT. The rate of return was 0.55%.

For users who have successfully participated in the sixth phase of the Loyalty Program, there is no need to repeat the registration. For new users please refer to the program guide. (

On July 27th ALabs a blockchain research institute initiated by Achain, launched its first product “ABlock”. ABlock is an enterprise and private chain generating service for all sectors of industry, throughout the global marketplace.

For more information on ABlock, please visit the ALabs official website at

On July 21st, Achain was invited to participate in the “China-US Venture Capital Summit Blockchain Forum” to showcase the project and continue to promote Achain’s global expansion strategy.

Achain Silicon Valley team participated in Distributed 2018 and talked to projects and media about the growth of blockchain industry in different regions.

Achain team joined with investors from different fields in Silicon Valley to find the most potential projects in the world.




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